SafeBox is a tool which help you to save and manage your passwords, accounts, private files and keep them secure. With this app, you can manage and remember all your confidential information and secure files with one password very easily. Besides, it also supports iCloud. So your data will be stored in iCloud and available in all your devices and computers. With it you will not forget any password and you can protect your data from being accessing by other peoples. The app uses AES encryption to encrypt your data. This make sure your data will not be read by other peoples even if they get your files.

Key Features:
- Easily access and manage all data and files with one password and keep them organized. 
- Store data using iCloud. So your data will not be lost. 
- Synchronize data between different devices and computers including iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iMac, MacBook and so on. You can access your data any where at any time. 
- Protect your data and files from being accessing by other peoples. 
- Support all kinds of accounts including emails, social network accounts, software license, instant messengers and so on. 
- Support bank and credit card accounts. 
- Support secure notes. You can create notebooks and notes and make them secure. 
- Support secure photos. You can create photo albums and store your private photos and make them secure. 
- Support videos, audios, pdf files and all kinds of files. You can add any file and make it secure easily. 
- Search and sort items and files rapidly. 
- Easily copy passwords and visitwebsites.
- Use AES encryption to prevent others from accessing your data.


Super SafeBox  (Free Version):


SafeBox Pro        (Full Version):



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